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Curse of the Bibliophile

My name is Katie and books have and always will be one of my biggest passions in life. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not seen lost in another world of books.
The Academy - Emmaline Andrews This is a unique slightly gender bender story that will leave you wanting more.I loved the storyline and the problems presented while pretending to be a boy in an all boys academy. The setting was also very interesting in that it was a futuristic setting with a few old fashioned ideas. The twists and turns in the story really kept me on the edge of my seat. I also had a great time laughing at the hilarious incidents she got herself into.The romance in this story was sweet and not too overdone. It is perfect for teenagers looking for some action and a provocative coming of age novel without a lot of adult content.This story also deals with a lot of issues such as gender roles and bullying. Which is what we all deal with a t some point growing up and I really liked the way she handled it in this book. The characters were fun and interesting. I had a great time getting to know them all.The relationship between Kris and her twin brother was endearing and the reader could really see the love there. They were both going to be thrust into a world that neither wanted and instead of just going along with this they decided to do something about it. Kris is a strong and courageous young woman who fights for what she wants. She doesn’t have the best social skills and because of this gets into a lot of trouble. She stands up for herself and doesn’t let it get in the way of her dreams, which is what I admire about her. North is somewhat standoffish at first, but deep down he has a heart of gold. He is a fun character and I loved seeing the different sides of him. I loved the parts where he questioned himself because of Kris (not knowing she was a girl). All in all this is a wonderful story that I would recommend to all ages and to anyone who enjoys a provocative coming of age story.