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Curse of the Bibliophile

My name is Katie and books have and always will be one of my biggest passions in life. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not seen lost in another world of books.
13 (Tallent & Lowery, #1) - Amy  Lignor A fantastic adventure that will have you hooked from page 1.I loved 13! It was written beautifully with nice descriptions that made you feel like you were there with Gareth and Leah. The story was fast paced and had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the different clues and where their journey would take them next! It reminded me a little of National Treasure. I really enjoyed the fact that there was something new to discover around every corner both about the characters and the artifacts that they were seeking. Okay Leah is a great character that I would love to be friends with, but I am extremely jealous of her. I mean come on she is brilliant and gets to hang around books all day, what could be better? As cool as she is though she does have some things to learn and goes through some personal growth in this book. I liked that she could be vulnerable at times too because it made her human and more relatable. I loved her banter with Gareth they are a fantastic team, even if they do get on each other’s nerves from time to time.Gareth is quirky and brilliant in his own right. I really liked him and his crazy schemes. I found that he could be quite charming when he wanted to be. There was definitely some crazy chemistry between him and Leah. What I liked most about the relationship between these two is that it was so natural. It wasn’t perfect by any means and they knew it, but they genuinely loved each other and knew that true love takes courage and patience. I loved the banter between Leah and Gareth and felt that they were a great team. I can’t wait to see what other adventures these two get involved in future books!