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Curse of the Bibliophile

My name is Katie and books have and always will be one of my biggest passions in life. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not seen lost in another world of books.
Doon - Lorie Langdon, Carey Corp Cross the Bridge!After reading this book I can't help but be amazed. Its like these two authors took everything I love and added it all into book form! They couldn't have picked a better setting if they had tried. Scotland already has the looks and feel of a fairytale land. Combine that with some memorable characters, heart pounding romance, a dash of magic and you get Doon. I think what I liked most about this book was that even though it had the makings of a fairytale things didn't just fall magically into place. There was a lot of hard work and sacrifice that had to be made in order to keep that fairytale life. I also found that a good lesson to take from this book was that happy endings aren't always guaranteed, but if you want something bad enough you are going to have to fight for it. The characters in Doon were very memorable and so real. The relationship between Mackenna and Veronica was strong and I loved their interactions with one another. Their relationship reminded me of the one I share with my best friend and I could really relate to them. Through thick and thin they stuck it out together and didn't back down when things got rough.Throughout the book I found myself drawn more to Veronica and her story with Jaimie, but I still enjoyed seeing the different points of view. Mackenna's story picks up a bit towards the end and I cannot wait to find out what happens with her and Duncan in the next book.Jaimie while seemingly a bit cold at first reveals himself to be quite the charmer. While he is most definitely not the Prince Charming of fairy tales he has a heart of gold and does what he believes is best for his people even if that means forsaking his own happiness. I also liked his teasing nature especially towards Veronica.I couldn't get enough of Doon and am eagerly anticipating its sequel. I highly recommend this to all of those dreamers out there who have ever dreamed of a Happily Ever After.