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Curse of the Bibliophile

My name is Katie and books have and always will be one of my biggest passions in life. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not seen lost in another world of books.
Sacrifice - Alexandrea Weis In Sacrifice Nicci Beauvoir must face her old love’s dark past and try not to get killed in the process. This book is perfect for lovers of mysteries with a bit of romance. The heroine is no wilting violet and has no problem facing danger head on; especially to protect the ones she loves. Sacrifice is a deadly thriller that will draw you into its pages full of mystery and intrigue. The story is told with vivid detail and tons of excitement that will have you biting your nails and anxiously turning each page in anticipation. Get lost in a world of mystery and intrigue in “Sacrifice” by ALexandrea Weis.