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Curse of the Bibliophile

My name is Katie and books have and always will be one of my biggest passions in life. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not seen lost in another world of books.
Veiled Virtues - Jan Fischer-Wade Getting a chance to stay in a beautiful house in England was a dream come true for Paige Stewart. Until she found that things would not be as peaceful as she had hoped.This story was filled with adventure and romance that will have you captivated from the very first page. England was a great setting for Paige to meet these modern day knights. The setting was beautiful and really helped to set the mood for the story. The characters were interesting and somewhat mysterious making me want to get to know them even more. I was completely engrossed with these characters and had a great time figuring out about these knights and how they came to be right along with Paige.Paige was a sweet girl who was easy to love. She wasn’t always sure of what she was doing especially after all of the strange events that kept happening, but she stuck by those she loved and did what she believed was best which I really admired about her.Move over Werewolves, look out Vampires the knights are back and they are here to stay!